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The World Champion design Helixir 2018 is now available for in plastic.

GuiGui-Prod Exo

The most successful shape on the market, designed by Quim Fontane Maso and Guillaume Respaud, it’s produced in plastic by the Italian company EXO Kayaks.

EXO has moulded more than 60 different designs in over 30 years of manufacturing plastic boats, which will feed straight into the Helixir 2018.


Boat Features:
Boat Specs:
– Pre-cut foam wedge footrest – Dimensions: 179 x 67 x 37cm
– Light and rigid foam columns – Volume: 220L
– Ratchet backrest system – Weight: 13.5kg
– Plastic over thruster
– Adjustable hip pads
Paddler Specs:
– Plastic centre rail – 70-90kg
– Adjustable seat  – Up to 1m 85cm or 6 foot 1 inch

See it in action:

The GuiGui-Prod Helixir 2018 in plastic is available in three colours; Red, Green & Blue.


Currently available in medium, small available at the beginning of February.

Price: £899 including free delivery anywhere in mainland UK

To arrange a demo please get in touch.

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*Price in £GBP is valid until midnight on the 28th of March 2019, after which it will revert to 1,000 including free delivery